Blog 3# Life On My Terms

“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night, and in between does what he wants to do.” – Bob Dylan


I’ll be honest here, so many people say “they’re lucky” to do what they want because they are lucky. When I first came to Japan I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do. Before coming to Japan I only worked in the music industry. I was ready for a change and see if  “the grass is greener.”

Most people try to compromise happiness because they think they have to put their bodies on the line and sacrifice 12 hours a day doing a job they don’t want to be doing. I actually dated a lady in Japan who told me her father one day quit his job and started his own massage chain. I didn’t know this man very well, however I have respect for anyone who does this.

Living life on your own terms does not mean you are selfish. Popular culture shames people for this. Most people will think I am lying to say I wake up everyday and am happy, to only then be shamed by people who work “Dead End” jobs that won’t even give them enough money to retire.

Music & SKYPE

Yesterday I was working in the studio with a Japanese group and three hours went by without a blink of an eye. I walked out of the studio so happy and said, “damn this is work?” Even when having SKYPE English lessons from home the time fly’s without even looking at a clock. I have found that when you do something you really love , time doesn’t even exist because the days just fly by, the song finishes itself and before you know it 18 hours have flown by without even a thought.

Life On My Terms 

Living in Japan makes this option very easy. Everyone understands why you work hard or are too busy. Ladies are way more attracted to a man who is busy and has limited time than to be with a man who is always at her “beckon call”. Living life on your own terms only works if you have the will power to be different and not follow what society or “my parents told me”. One thing I always thank my parents for was telling me to enjoy life on my own terms. Life will fly by without us even knowing it.

I have zero respect for those who tell you how to live your life and they are not even living their own life.

Today I am writing an article about Lehman Brothers. It’s very difficult to write this and keep the English level easy to understand. Most people will never understand what actually happened because the media is very good at confusing people.

Enjoy your day on your terms,



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