September 10th – Blog

The Request

I have been requested to write a daily/weekly blog for website users. I’ll make sure to do my best to write what I can about living in Japan. This blog will be about what I do on a Monday-Friday.

To be honest, I rarely talk about my life in Japan, I prefer to show what I am doing.


I regularly have contact with my family and I have always had a strong relationship with my parents. Last week was my mothers birthday so I was very lucky to have a conversation with her and my two nieces and nephew Oliver.

Mental Point Of Origin

I live in Japan because it’s the best place for me to focus. Waking up at 5:30am everyday to exercise and then I teach online English lessons from 6am to around 9am. After that I get outside and take my laptop to a cafe and get work done. I have definitely always been a focused person ever since I was a child. I usually make music till around 8-9pm.

There is a quote I love from John Rohn. “You Take Care Of You For Me And I’ll Take Care Of Me For You”.

My Goal 

The end goal for all this hard work will to one day be a father and be a father that my child will be inspired by. Japan is all about show don’t tell. Show people never tell them. Obviously this goal is years away however, every man needs a plan.


Everyday I make music, If not making music DJing in clubs in Tokyo. Ever since I was a young child I have been around music. Whenever I get tired I read books and that inspires a second wind to keep going.

Last week I had a release with an artist named Takashi Kurosawa and Ken Nishimura. I work under the name Richard Alan. This actually is a name inspired by my father.

My music career has had a very big change since 2015. Before I would play only live concerts. Making the switch to the studio has been extremely tough.

This is all I have for today’s blog, I need to get back to a new remix I am making. I will post it when it’s finished.


My family SKYPE


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